Our Supported Industries

Auto Dealerships

The first business to respond to the call from a customer gets the sale! While you want to answer every single call, it’s just not possible all the time. So this feature will take care of this for you. When a customer calls, this feature will automatically generate a text response letting your new customer know you are definitely interested in talking with them asap! It can even ask specific questions so you can be prepared to service them asap.

Rearview of parked cars
Hand of car mechanic with wrench. Auto repair garage. mechanic works on the engine of the car in the garage. Repair service. Concept of car inspection service and car repair service.

Auto Repair Shops

Connect your Google profile, Facebook Messenger, Phone & Website chat. Using AI, it will be as if you and your team are right there messaging live with customers while you’re doing what you do best, work! So now managing your messages with a single inbox for all has never been easier! Route all calls to the same inbox as texts, social media messages, and other channels so you never miss a call again.

Auto Body Shops

Your customer service will go to another level with this feature. Easily send bulk text & email messages if you like then watch the replies come in. In minutes, you or your team can quickly chat with your customers that respond or you can simply reach out to individual customers and engage with them right on that feed.

Professional mechanic working on the engine of the car in the garage.

Medical Spa



Completely automate this entire process simply by having your customers connect with your custom calendar to schedule appointments without needing to talk with you or your team. Even better, our system will follow up with confirmations and reminders increasing the show rate tremendously!

Sportsman Patient Undergoing Physical Therapy in Clinic to Recover from Surgery and Increase Mobility. Physiotherapist Works on Specific Muscle Groups or Joints to Rehabilitate from Injury.
business people doing calculations analyze the work at the meeting
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Financial Services

No need to take time out of your busy schedule to remind customers of appointments. Our system will text, email and even call to remind your customer of the appointment scheduled.

Fitness Gyms

Improve your ratings, build your reputation, and get found online by sending review requests via text to recent customers, responding to and interacting with reviewers, and managing it all from a single inbox.

Close up of feet, sportman runner running on treadmill in fitness club. Cardio workout. Healthy lifestyle, guy training in gym. Sport running concept
Professional Middle Aged HVAC Technician in Red Uniform Repairing Modern Heat Pump Unit. House Heating and Cooling System Theme.
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Fire your marketing agency and DO IT YOURSELF! Our software simplifies launching and managing Facebook & Google ad campaigns so you don’t need an ads manager. We provide successful ads specific to your industry. All you have to do is in 3 simple clicks, pick the ad, set your budget and click start!


If you’re not comfortable launching paid ads, we can do it for you for a fraction of the cost of an advertising agency!

Handyman is repairing faucet of a sink at bathroom. Maintenance and household assistance concept
Electrician Installing Wiring System in the Ceiling
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Our software can launch a campaign of a series of communications to inactive customers that encourage them to re-engage, purchase and hire your business. For this reason, win-back campaigns are also known as revive or reactive campaigns. The campaigns are conducted using emails, text messages and in some voicemail broadcasts. It is an awesome way to create a cash infusion into your business.


Access leads, texts, engagement right on your phone!

Worker man repairing eaves and tile of the old roof.